How tall is Zachary Laoutides?

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Zachary Laoutides (born 13 December 1986) is a Chicago, Illinois-based American film actor and journalist. In 2014 he was awarded Best Actor and Best Script writer for his role in Adios Vaya Con Dios at the Bel Air Film Festival. He was also the Chicago finalist for the national talent hunt for new actors by Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment. He is of Sephardic, Greek, Turkish and Slovenian heritage. Laoutides's surname derives from the Arab musical instrument oud; his paternal grandmother's family originated from the Aegean Islands and from the Biblical town of Smyrna, Turkey 's modern-day Izmir Mizrahim Sephardi-proper culture.

6 feet
1 m 83 cm

How tall is Zachary Laoutides?

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