How tall is Zoe Lucker?

In recent years, Yorkshire-born Zoe Lucker has starred on our screens in TV dramas such as "Holby City," Trial & Retribution: Episode # 4.1 (2000), Barabara, Bold Hussies (1996) and Coronation Street (1960), where she played Sonia Leech, owner of Raquel's beauty parlour. But, she still loves her job as Tanya Turner in Footballers ' Wives (2002). She enjoys her character ("We are both survivors, so I wouldn't use strangers the way she does to get on in life"), beautiful outfits, romantic scenes with Cristian Solimeno's screen husband-and she's even learnt to survive with her extra-long fake fingernails.

5 feet 4 inches
1 m 65 cm

How tall is Zoe Lucker?

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