How tall is Boris McGiver?

Boris McGiver is an American actor born to Ukrainian and Irish parents (Shmigelsky and McGiver) of the second generation in upstate New York. He is well known for portraying Tom Hammerschmidt in House of Cards (2013), Hersh in Person of Interest (2011), Marimow in The Wire (2002), with appearances in Lincoln (2012), 'TURN: Washington's Spies' (2014) , Taxi (2004) , John Adams (2008), and a host of others.He came later than most to act as his main objective in his youth was to join the U.S. Academy of The Air Force. While admitted into the 1984 class of the Academy, he was let go at the last minute because of mild knee injuries that made him less than the U.S. ideal physical specimen. The Academy requested their new cadets to do so.

6 feet 1 inches
1 m 87 cm

How tall is Boris McGiver?

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