How tall is Marcos Hernandez?

Marcos Hernandez was born in 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona, and grew up in Dallas, Texas. He had been working as a lifeguard at the Lewisville YMCA in Flower Mound, Texas. Vanilla Ice director Tommy Quon identified Hernandez. He is a Mexican American pop singer whose August 2005 debut single "If You Were Mine" was released.The song received a decent deal of airplay on Pop and Rhythmic stations and on top 40 radio steadily climbed up to the Top 25. Even the song went to No. 1 in South Africa and France. Echo Park, California filmed the promo for the song. He followed up with the United States. Navy in 2009.His album C About Me was first released on Ultrax Records independently, but after "If You Were Mine" began to take off on the radio, he reached a new contract with TVT Records with plans to retool the record.

5 feet 11 inches
1 m 82 cm

How tall is Marcos Hernandez?

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