How tall is Talitha Bateman?

Talitha is the 8th youngest child. She enjoys being funny and living life much like her older sister Leah Bateman. She has four older brothers, Justin, Aleq, Noah E. Bateman and Judah Bateman and two older sisters, Hannah Rochelle Bateman and Leah. She was cast alongside Kevin Spacey in the 2016 feature, Nine Lives (2016). That same year she was cast in the series, So B. It (2016), as the lead star, Heidi DeMuth. She has eight siblings, with actor Gabriel Bateman among them. She starred in Hart of Dixie (2011) with Rachel Bilson and Jaime King.

4 feet 11 inches
1 m 50 cm

How tall is Talitha Bateman?

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