How tall is Bessie Love?

Bessie Love was originally raised in Texas. Her father was a cowboy who moved the family to Hollywood where he became a chiropractor. Bessie's mother sent her to Biograph Studios, hoping that she would become an artist, as the family needed money. W.D. Griffith saw that she was stunning and had a talent for acting and put her in some of his films, offering her a small role in Intolerance: Love's Struggle Across the Ages. Bessie was popular with fans, performing in Reggie Blends In (1916) with Douglas Fairbanks and in The Aryan (1916) with William S. Hart. Afterwards she moved to Vitagraph and appeared in a variety of comedy dramas. She started performing in more adult roles in the 1920s, such as Those Who Dance (1924), and even continued to work on the stage.

4 feet 11 inches
1 m 52 cm

How tall is Bessie Love?

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