How tall is Dawn French?

Dawn French was born as Dawn Roma French on 11 October 1957 in Holyhead, Wales. She is an actor and novelist known for French and Saunders (1987), Dibley's Vicar (1994) and Harry Potter and Azkaban's Prisoner (2004). As of April 20, 2013, she has been married to Mark Bignell. Previous to this, she was married to Lenny Henry. She is Jennifer Saunders ' lifelong entertainment collaborator while neither works without the other on projects. She has a strong interest in helping women of size find comfortable clothes and co-wrote two books on knitting — "Little Knits" and "Small Little Knits" — to this end, and created a clothing shop that sells trendy and inexpensive designs.

4 feet 11 inches
1 m 52 cm

How tall is Dawn French?

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