How tall is Elizabeth Daily?

Elizabeth Daily was born as Elizabeth Ann Guttman on 11 September 1961 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an actress, known for Big Adventure of Pee-wee (1985), The Powerpuff Girls (1998), and Happy Feet (2006). Prior to that she was married to Rick Salomon. In Rod Stewart's music video "Young Turks" she played one of the runaways. She is most known for playing the voice role of "Tommy Pickles" on Rugrats (1990), following success in the film, television and music industries. Rick Salomon's daughters: Hunter Daily (born Wednesday 13 March 1996) and Tyson (born Wednesday 14 October 1998).

4 feet 11 inches
1 m 52 cm

How tall is Elizabeth Daily?

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