How tall was Joseph Wiseman?

Joseph Wiseman was a Canadian-American theater and film actor, renowned for his role as the villain Dr. Julius No in the 1962 James Bond film "Dr. No," the first in the long-running James Bond film series. Born on May 15, 1918, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Wiseman had a career that spanned several decades and was marked by a variety of roles in both film and theater. Wiseman began his acting career on stage and made his Broadway debut in 1938. He was known for his intense and often dramatic performances on stage. Throughout his career, he appeared in numerous Broadway productions, showcasing his versatility and depth as an actor. His portrayal of Dr. No brought him international fame, though it was just one part of a diverse acting career. Despite the iconic nature of this role, Wiseman did not wish to be typecast and continued to pursue a wide range of characters in both film and theater.

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How tall is Joseph Wiseman?

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