How tall is Lachlan Power?

Lachlan Ross Power, also referred to as Lachy (formerly CraftBattleDuty), is a gaming YouTuber primarily known for his Fortnite posts, though he had previously been active in the series Pixelmon, How to Minecraft and Pokémon GO. His channel based mainly in 2016 to mid-2017 on Pokémon Go, but has since switched to Fortnite. He's currently uploading videos of Fortnite daily. His original Minecraft skin is a blonde-haired man wearing a red hoodie but he came back to the game after a while playing Fortnite and changed it to an elf, identical to the Codename E.L.F. skin in Fortnite. His nicknames include: "JagBattleDuty" and "Little Lachy"

6 feet
1 m 84 cm

How tall is Lachlan Power?

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