How tall is Linda Phan?

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Linda was born in Toronto, Ontario, on 22 April 1985. She has a younger brother and three older sisters. Linda is a huge' Disney ' fan.' Walt Disney World' is one of her favorite holiday destinations for the kids. Linda enjoys handmade craft. She also shares on' Instagram' her homemade art. Drew adorably calls her the "sewing queen." Linda also has a crafting room in the house.Linda and Scott met at the' Toronto Fashion Week' for the first time in 2010. Linda attended the event, dressed as the' fashion police,' wearing a big cop badge and handing out bad fashion tickets. Everybody wondered, too, if she had given Drew a ticket. Linda is 7 years younger to Drew. Towards the start of 2014 they began living together in Las Vegas.

4 feet 99 inches
1 m 52 cm

How tall is Linda Phan?

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