How tall is Paul Dano?

The American actor, director, screenwriter, producer and musician, is Paul Franklin Dano (b. 19 June 1984). Until making a film debut in The Newcomers, Dano began his career on Broadway (2000). Despite his appearance as an Independent Spirit Actor in Little Miss Sunshine (2002), he received the Independent Spirit Award for best breakthrough performance, earning recognitions for his role as Dwayne Hoover. He has been nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor for his double roles as Paul and Eli Sunday in Will Be Blood (2007). In 12 Years A slave (2013) and in jail, Dano has also received awards for roles such as John Tibeats (2013). His performing representation of Brian He is 6 feet tall.

6 feet
1 m 84 cm

How tall is Paul Dano?

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